AIDS Simulator Removed From Steam

AIDS Simulator Removed From Steam

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Valve maintains their consistency from yesterday of saying they will allow everything onto Steam… by removing four games. AIDS Simulator, no longer has a place to be sold on Steam. It finally feels like Valve is doing something right. Then we have another delay for Crackdown 3. And finally today, GameStop has decided to get into more video game stuff… by selling comics. Let’s find out how that page will unfold on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:22 AIDS Simulator Removed From Steam

2:56 Hitman 2 On PlayStation Store

3:08 Days Gone Release Date

3:14 Paladins Coming to Nintendo Switch

3:19 Crackdown 3 Delayed

3:34 PUBG Sanhok Map Extended Testing Extended

3:49 Walmart Canada Adds E3 Pre-Orders Including Death Stranding

4:02 Tempest 4000 Dev Not Informed Game Being Used On Atari VCS Reboot

4:56 Web Installers For All GOG Games

5:23 EBGames Pulls A Gearbox, Sells Red Dead 2 Collectors Box With No Game

5:56 GameStop Selling Comic Books

6:31 Game Releases

6:58 Joke/End Card

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