Alternate History Neverwinter-Style Game | Lionheart | Pt 01

Alternate History Neverwinter-Style Game | Lionheart | Pt 01

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My most actually, helpfully descriptive title yet, I think. Not click-bait, that’s honestly how I see this game. Neverwinter in style, but Alternate History. I think that’s basically it lmao.

Alternate history Lionheart takes place 500 years AFTER King Richard Couer de Lion, and is in fact about you- a slave- possessing the spirit (or being possessed by the spirit) that possessed your distant ancestor, Richard himself. You are somehow worthy of this impressive spirit, and you will now take said spirit and take on the forces of evil.. or at the very least, the Inquisition, who means well, but is ultimately very, very hypocritical. Go figure.

Here are some awesome links for cool places to go, including a community run Discord!

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