Battlefield 5 Delayed at Last Minute

Battlefield 5 Delayed at Last Minute

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Battlefield 5 has been delayed. EA and DICE explain themselves as to why this happened last minute, and give a date for when it is now expected to release. After that we have Humble giving away Warhammer 40K Space Marine, free of charge, so be sure to find out how to claim yours. Finally today, PEGI now requires games to be labeled with in game purchases. Find out what the backlash from this has been and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:22 Battlefield 5 Delayed at Last Minute

1:03 EA Donates $1 Million to Jacksonville Florida Victims

1:57 Warhammer 40K Space Marine Free on Humble

2:22 Warhammer Vermintide 2 Free Weekend

2:32 Binding of Issac Repentance Announced

2:49 Nintendo Re-Releasing Older Switch Games with Strategy Guides

3:38 Sea of Thieves Hilarious Spyglass Bug

4:00 PEGI Ratings to Add In-Game Purchases Warning

5:09 Game Releases

5:53 Joke/End Card

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