Bethesda Defines What is New and What is Used

Bethesda Defines What is New and What is Used

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Bethesda is flexing their legal muscles once again by threatening to take a gamer to court over his Ebay listing. Their problem: he called it new because it was still sealed in the original wrapping. Yep. That’s all. Let’s find out how off their rocker Bethesda is along with an update the the Filip Miucin story, not only to touch on more but new things have happened. Finally today, a website has promised to provide full support for Nintendo Switch if a browser is released. That site is Pornhub. Find out what Nintendo thinks and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:23 Bethesda Defines What is New and What is Used

2:48 Filip Muicin Removes “Apology” Video. Third Review Suspected

4:22 Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend

4:33 Insurgency Free on Steam

4:41 Undertale Coming to Nintendo Switch

4:54 Let It Die Coming to PC

5:06 Battlefield 5 PC Closed Alpha

5:16 DOOM and Rage on Xbox Game Pass

5:27 Pornhub Promises Switch Support

5:58 Game Releases

6:50 Joke/End Card

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