Bioware Says Anthem Wont Effect Future Games

Bioware Says Anthem Wont Effect Future Games

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Bioware is addressing some concerns that fans are having by saying Anthem will not be effecting their future titles in any way. I have a question for Bioware then. Is Anthem good? Today we talk about potentially the last game Bioware will ever make followed by Brianna Wu losing her congressional running. Finally today a typhoon has caused Nintendo a little damage. Let’s find out how bad and more on this episode of News Cartridge.

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0:21 Bioware Says Anthem Won’t Effect Future Games

1:08 Old School Runescape Coming to Mobile

1:19 Vive Wireless Adapter Pre-Orders

1:33 PSVR Bundled with Two Games

2:00 Monster Hunter World Deviljho Update

2:14 New PUBG Reward System

2:55 SCUM Server Wipe

3:14 Konami at Tokyo Game Show

3:25 Breath of the Wild Overtakes Ocarina of Time

3:37 Brianna Wu Loses Congressional Running

4:51 Typhoon Blows Nintendo. Hard.

5:11 Game Releases

5:38 Joke/End Card

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