Filip Miucin Digs His Grave Deeper

Filip Miucin Digs His Grave Deeper

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The person accused of stealing a Dead Cells review and publishing it for IGN, Filip Miucin, has released a video today explaining his side of the story. Does his story hold up, or is it full of holes? Find out along with Capcom’s $900 dollar Resident Evil 2 Collectors Edition. Finally, try the Skyrim mod that blows. Literally. Find out what the hell I mean and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:38 Filip Miucin Digs His Grave Deeper

2:54 Hunt: Showdown Free Weekend

3:02 Insurgency: Sandstorm Release Date

3:11 Nintendo Sets Window for Online Services

3:37 Resident Evil 2’s $900 Keyboard Edition

4:13 Intel GPU Driver Update

4:58 This Skyrim Mod Blows

5:40 Game Releases

5:56 Joke/End Card

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