France Declares Loot Boxes are Not Gambling

France Declares Loot Boxes are Not Gambling

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France has joined in the discussion about loot boxes… and says they are not gambling by the current definition of their laws. This still poses a problem and more research needs to be done. Psyonix explains why a Rocket League 2 is not and will not be in the making. And finally today, Sega has released an “Officially Licensed Sonic the Hedgehog Curry” and it’s causing some strange side effects. Find out what and let’s get back in to the swing of things on today’s episode of News Cartridge. It’s great to be back! ^_^

Thanks for checking out the sources! ^_^ Any references can be found in the shortened links below! See you next time.

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0:26 France Declares Loot Boxes are Not Gambling

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3:07 Rocket League Free Weekend

3:14 Games As A Service is not Bethesda’s Future

3:48 Most Expensive Way To Play Skyrim Is On The Toilet

4:20 Official Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Curry Toilet Troubles

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5:28 Joke/End Card

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