Germany Lifts/Eases Swastika Ban

Germany Lifts/Eases Swastika Ban

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Today is a historical day in gaming history because Germany has lifted the ban on Nazi symbolism for video games. Let’s talk about why this happened now and if it’s the right time. Then Fortnite has finally come to Android phone but there are a lot of catches. Finally, the VR mode has been discovered on the Switch, but it doesn’t do anything. Find out what it actually does and more on this episode of News Cartridge.

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0:24 Germany Lifts/Eases Swastika Ban

1:15 Fortnite Launches for Android

1:37 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Releasing to Console

1:45 Steep Not Coming to Switch Announced Most Awful Way

2:23 Blue Translucent PS4 Pro

3:00 Steam Windows XP and Vista Support Being Dropped

3:22 Rocket League Cross Platform Parties Release Date

3:33 Nintendo Confirms Luigi is Not Dead

4:03 Red Dead Redemption 2 has Horse Balls

4:13 The Discord Game Store

4:43 Secret VR Mode On Switch

5:15 Game Releases

5:48 Joke/End Card

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