Ingrid Vs. M.Bison Capcom X SNK (Ikemen Engine)

Ingrid Vs. M.Bison Capcom X SNK (Ikemen Engine)

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As usual in the world of CXS, characters we’ve never thought we’d seen again return. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this character’s lore explored further. In the world of fan-fic, we can make it happen!

So.. I tried to make her much more interesting! lol As always W.I.P. Progress though. I will do special intro/more lore stuff down the line. Thanks for watching.

*Capcom X SNK(CXS) is a free fan project using the Ikemen engine. It is not a real game. “No team, 0 budget, just a guy who loves this stuff.

The videos on the channel are all for concept/just for fun. Wishful thinking, a dream to have a game like this. I basically do this thinking one day I will get support, or it’ll inspire an official title.

Some samples have been provided below. Thanks for your time.

ATTENTION! All of this is free! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Support me to support more dedication to hobbies, not mandatory.



*Everything seen in videos is for an ongoing full game project. Not a mugen game, not a compilation. W.I.P.

Disclaimer Again! All videos for entertainment purposes only. It is merely proof of concept. All properties to their respective owners. Support the channel if you like the content.

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