Its Time to Fix PUBG

Its Time to Fix PUBG

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It’s time to fix PUBG. Finally. No really. PUBG Corp has started an initiative to fix the games many problems and we are going to talk about what those problems are and if this will actually make an improvement. Then let’s talk about a confirmed mechanic coming to Pokemon Let’s Go. Finally today, a kid sent a video game to space for a birthday present. Find out which game he sent and if it still works on this episode of News Cartridge.

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0:23 It’s Time to Fix PUBG

1:40 Dark Samus and King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate

2:03 Smash Ultimate Limited Edition

2:19 Cowboy Ninja Viking Delayed

2:33 God of War New Game Plus Mode

2:43 Mega Evolutions Confirmed for Let’s Go Pokemon

2:55 Runescape Shuts Down Late to Help Streamer

3:42 “Netflix of Games is a Threat to Developers”

5:54 Earthbound Sent Space-Bound

6:53 Game Releases

7:26 Joke/End Card

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