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Joined: Feb 2022


►► Hello Welcome to the Channel!
►► Quick Info
Donate here ►► ► No Money back if you send it goes to me.

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My name is ►► Grant (AKA ChisdealHD)
Minecraft IGN ►► ChisdealHD
BATTLE TAG ►► ChisdealHD#2593
Twitch ►► chisdealhd
LOL EUW ►► chisdeal2014FYT
Warframe ►► ChisdealHD
Paladins ►► ChisdealHD
Spotify ►► Grant Chisdealhd
Steam ►► id/ChisdealHD
PlayerME ►► ChisdealHD
PlaysTV ►► ChisdealHD
PSN ►► Chisdeal2014YT
UPlay ►► ChisdealHD
Origin ►► ChisdealHD_YT
Epic Games ►► ChisdealHD_YT
Instagram ►► ChisdealHD
►► Never Missed My Stream, Join my Discord
Twitter ►► @ChisdealHD
►► I Play:

►► Overwatch
►► Minecraft
►► Paladins
►► Warframe
►► Destiny 2
►► The Forest
►► H1Z1
►► And more SOON!
►► About ME

►► I am 20 Years old Man who does Gaming/Coding.
►► I’m the owner of EXPG (AKA my Community Discord).
►► I’m Ultra Member of UBG (AKA UnitedByGames) I used be DEV long time.
►► IM Alpha Partner with BEBO (AKA Streaming Software).
►► I’m small Partner on GreenManGaming Store.
►► I’m a small partner on humblebundle Store.
►► I’m Small Partner on refereum.
►► I’m Streamer at Twitch/Mixer and Youtube aswell.

►► I’m small Youtuber Because Back in 2013 My channel was bene used on Potato Laptop
what cant handle streaming and games.
Back in 2015 I was not Growing my youtube channel for Purpose of quitting/Leaving,
That caused me forSadness and Unhappy because resonal is my channel not growing
No more. so I decide to change my content more Round and Try new things, but the downside
Is my youtube Kinda not go anywhere. so mainly not sure what to do,
i cant upload videos Daily and I’m more Streaming at Twitch.
Resonal for streaming on Twitch because I got Twitch afficate with Subscriber Button.
Mostly my Twitch has gone same path like Dead and no interact myself in chat and more,
so my content was dieing a lot and to me was gonna end in 2018. but there’s 1 way do
is start new content and work way threw my path do so. so let ya know guys about it.

► Specs

● Processor: Intell CORE i3 4CPU 2 CPU – 2 Hyperthreaded
● RAM: 16GB
● Graphics Card: Nivida GTX 560 TI 2GB Card
● Mouse: auroza High Precision Gaming Mouse with DPI
● Keyboard: Default keyboard like DELL
● Monitor: Bush TV, Screen size: 1910×1080 in HD 1080P
● Microphone/Headset: 3.5mm Gaming Headset MIC LED Headphones V3B for PC Mac Laptop PS4 Xbox One

NAME ►► FadeCloud
IP ►►
Discord ►►

NAME ►► Wynncraft
IP ►►
Discord ►►

NAME ►► pokefind
IP ►►
Discord ►►

NAME ►► saicopvp
IP ►►
Discord ►► There’s no Discord for saicopvp

NAME ►► Hypixel
IP ►►
Discord ►► There’s no Discord for Hypixel

NAME ►► OXIDE NETWORK(Project Ozone 2 Reloaded Modpack Server)
IP ►►
Discord ►►
►► If you want to Subscribe Feel FREE!!
►► If want Like aswell then you can support me with likes.

►► Hope I see ya somewhere and grow my content AGAIN!

►► ChisdealHD AKA NO #1 Twitch Streamer with BEBO Software!

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