King of Fighters All Star – Iori Yagami Move List Compilation

King of Fighters All Star – Iori Yagami Move List Compilation

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A short compilation of all Iori’s movelist in the King of Fighters All Star – ranging from King of Fighters 95 to All Star version.

Music used –

0:11 – King of Fighters 95 – Stormy Saxophone – Rival Team Theme (Iori, Billy, Eiji)
0:26 – King of Fighters 96 AST – Atarashii Saxophone – Yagami Team Theme
0:42 – King of Fighters 97 – Cool Jam – Iori Yagami
1:21 – King of Fighters 97 – Control Crisis – Orochi Iori/Orochi Leona Theme
2:00 – King of Fighters 98 – Stormy Saxophone 2 – Yagami Team Theme
2:55 – King of Fighters XIII – Arashi no Saxophone 5 – Yagami Team Theme
3:17 – King of Fighters ALLSTAR – Arashi no Saxophone XIV – Iori Special Signature Theme
4:17 – King of Fighters All Star – Iori in Wonderland Theme

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