Lots Of Death… – Skyrim SE #25 – Pro Quadriplegic Gamer

Lots Of Death… – Skyrim SE #25 – Pro Quadriplegic Gamer

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✦ Who is L1f3 On End ✦
I am a C5-C6 Quadriplegic and gaming was ALWAYS a huge hobby of mine. Once my Injury occurred I wanted to still do what I love! So I designed a custom controller and now I want to share how I play and adapt to the rest of the world!!

► https://streamlabs.com/xl1f30n3ndlive
$6.66 Is an extremely loud JUMPSCARE. Just so ya know!
All donations go towards stream equipment and/or charity

☆Thanks for watching the video!☆

✦ Join my amazing internet family! ✦

► https://discord.gg/X8bJtFE
► https://twitter.com/xL1f3_0n_3nd
► http://www.twitch.tv/xl1f30n3nd

✦ Special Thanks ✦

● Phil Green for all the support. Check him out!

● Daniel Zappia made my intro! ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClsDQ5uhxjYyEzIiKkc1frw

● TeknoAXE makes all my music!

☆ Wall of Saw Waves
☆ Rock Anthem
☆ Facing Down the Blitz
☆ Black Rage Sun

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