Nintendo Takes Down Pokemon Creation Tool

Nintendo Takes Down Pokemon Creation Tool

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Nintendo continues their overbearing protectiveness by shutting down a pokémon fan game creation tool that is over 11 years old. Why have they waited so long? Let’s find out why, along with a near quarter ton PC gaming chair Acer is producing. Finally, Denuvo says no product is uncrackable after the company once claimed their DRM was uncrackable. Let’s see what new tune they’re singing and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:24 Nintendo Takes Down Pokemon Creation Tool

2:02 Destiny 2 Surprise for PS+ Subscribers

2:21 Destiny 2 Bug Causing New Items to Drop

2:41 Capcom Remaking Onimusha

2:53 Nintendo Mobile Game Dragalia Release Date

3:09 Xbox One White Elite Controller

3:22 Modern Warfare 2 Now Backwards Compatible

3:32 Acer Presents: The Predator Thronos Chair

4:09 Denuvo: “There is No Uncrackable Product.” Interesting.

5:18 Game Releases

6:02 Joke/End Card

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