No Man’s Sky on GoG Does Not Contain Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky on GoG Does Not Contain Multiplayer

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One day. Sean Murray and Hello Games cannot keep their promises for one day. Today it was revealed the GoG version of No Man’s Sky will not have the recently added multiplayer mode. Find out how long this is going to take along with the new changes that have come to Steam’s chat system. Finally today, Voksi, the hacker known for breaking Denuvo, has been arrested. Find out what lead to his demise and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:21 No Man’s Sky on GoG Does Not Contain Multiplayer

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1:50 Surgeon Simulator Coming to Nintendo Switch

1:58 Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice Getting VR Mode

2:07 Steam Chat Updated

2:49 Dutch Players Now See DotA 2 Loot Box Rewards

3:36 Denuvo Suing Hacker Who Broke Their DRM

4:14 Game Releases

4:50 Joke/End Card

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