Paladins: Io The Shattered Goddess

Paladins: Io The Shattered Goddess

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First video on the sun and moon update which brings the new champion Io The shattered Goddess.

Io is a support with a very interesting kit at her disposal with easily the best thing in her kit being a spirit fox called Luna.

Io’s talents:
Life Link:
Luna now heals allies around her for 300 health per second.

Goddesses blessing:
Allies being healed by Moonlight gain 15% damage reduction.

If Io falls below 200 health while Luna is active, she trades places with Luna, heals, and Luna dies in her stead.

Io’s abilities:
A Goddess’ weapon that fires a 400 damage crescent arrow every 0.6s.

Hold and channel Moonlight into an ally, healing them for 135 every 0.15s. Moonlight regenerates when not in use.

Summon Luna to fight alongside you. Luna will rush and stun enemies that have been marked your Light Bow every 15s. Luna can be resummoned to a new location every 8s.

Quickly leap backwards through the air.

Luna can capture the point, dose a bit of damage, push the payload, can stun marked enemies and has out of combat healing. Luna does offer Io a second way to heal through the talent Life link.

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