Pokémon Event Lab – Episode 1: Member Card [Platinum]

Pokémon Event Lab – Episode 1: Member Card [Platinum]

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Welcome to our new series, Pokémon Event Lab. This is where we will be exploring the various ways you can obtain event items and Pokémon without resorting to using a cheating device like an Action Replay or GameShark. New episodes every Tuesday.

In this video we obtain the Member Card in Pokémon Platinum using Wi-Fi via the Mystery Gift feature. The Member Card allows you to travel to Newmoon Island where you can battle the Mythical Legendary Pokémon, Darkrai.

Pokémon Platinum was one of five Generation 4 titles. Generation 4 introduced a new way of obtaining events. Certain events were only available by connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Server. Several years ago, the service was shut down. Using a special method, I am able to access those events and more.

Yes, I am aware I said Pokémon Center instead of PokéMart. My mistake. I didn’t catch it until after the video was done rendering.

Want to do this for yourself? Check out the following link for more information:

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