Pokémon Go: First Normal Mewtwo Raid and Epic Confusion in the team.

Pokémon Go: First Normal Mewtwo Raid and Epic Confusion in the team.

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We had lot of communication problem for this raid as it was rainy, not unusual as we never do any raids without any problems isn’t it ????‍♂️ but if it ends well then all well I belt in. Check this video out and pardon my fellowmates being hyper ????

Hello Beautiful People ♥

I am Muzamill, basically a gamer and into making Pokemon Go related vblogs. I am new to this world of Youtube, where i have to let myself be judged and commented by millions of awesome people around the world. So I hope you all will take good care of me and nicely let me know how to improve and grow. So that i can continue to do what brings happiness to me and to you as well.

I work hard and then i play even harder, be it rain, darn sunny or dark night to early mornings with no sleep. I just want to do so much which i have not been able to do.

Which is why i started this channel and trying to create contents, hoping people will appreciate it and support me.

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