Robert Garcia(AOF) “In the Lab”#1(CXS)

Robert Garcia(AOF) “In the Lab”#1(CXS)

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Working a lot behind the scenes when I get the chance, progress though. These videos are behind the scenes testing/unedited. What works with what, what combos, execution, etc. It’s also how I see what to fix/tweak etc.

This Robert has a lil bit of everything, but more emphasis on his kicks to deviate more from his teammates(Ryo,Takuma/Mr.Karate). The low projectile makes its comeback! Ryuugeki Ken is the ngbc version and classic kof96 Ryuugeki Ken is an EX. Kuzuryuu Sen is now the EX for RyuuZan Shou. Hopefully I can finish the rest of his moves sooner than later to be done with this guy.

These two coming real soon… Waiting on sprites. I’ll also show you how to add characters etc. Kudos if you know the obvious reference ha!

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*Work in Progress (W.I.P.) Will improve over time!

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