Rumor: New Switch Hardware Coming Next Year

Rumor: New Switch Hardware Coming Next Year

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The rumor mill is going strong today because the Wall Street Journal is reporting Nintendo is already working on a new iteration of the Switches hardware. Let’s find out what it could be along with another rumor about the PlayStation Network getting name changes. Finally today, a game on Steam is ripping off an old childhood favorite NES game. Find out which one and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:25 Rumor: New Switch Hardware Coming Next Year

1:15 Nintendo Says Smart Phones Necessary Because Reasons

2:37 Shadow Warrior 2 Free on GoG

2:45 Free Northgard Expansion

2:53 The Room Coming to Nintendo Switch

2:59 The Occupation Delayed

3:04 Mega Man Movie in Making

3:16 Sony Accidentally Reveals November 2018 PS+ Games

3:44 Rumor: PSN Name Changes Incoming

4:18 Duck HuntR Copyright Infringement

5:21 Game Releases

5:46 Joke/End Card

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