SoCal Regionals Inspecting Controllers

SoCal Regionals Inspecting Controllers

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After the shooting in Jacksonville Florida, the SoCal Regionals are stepping up security by inspecting the controllers of the people competing. Is this enough of a step? Let’s talk about if it will be. After that, Civilization 6, the PC exclusive, is now coming to Nintendo Switch. Finally today, the Chinese government is limiting the amount of time children can play games. Let’s talk about how bat shit bonkers that is and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:43 SoCal Regionals Inspecting Controllers

1:32 Civilization 6 Coming to Nintendo Switch

1:46 Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Released

1:56 Remastered Lego Harry Potter Coming to Switch and Xbox

2:02 Mobile Version of H1Z1 Announced

2:15 Fortnite Monopoly

2:29 Yoshi’s Crafted World Leaked

2:53 Tencent Limiting Children’s Game Time with Police Help

4:03 Game Releases

4:24 Joke/End Card

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