The King of Fighters ???? LIVE – MUGEN BATTLEBET – FIGHTABASE.COM – NEW Characters – KOF OST

The King of Fighters ???? LIVE – MUGEN BATTLEBET – FIGHTABASE.COM – NEW Characters – KOF OST

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– ★ Playable Characters★ 
Sakura, Dan, Honda, Hugo, Dhalsim, Akuma, Sagat, Balrog, Vega, M.Bison, HeavyD, Lucky, Brian, Syo, Gai, Bao, Momoko, Chin, Kensou, Athena, Terry, Andy, Joe, Mary, Mai, Freeman, Marko, Yamazaki, Eiji, Billy, Yuki, Asuka, Maria, Kyoko, Kisarah, Chonshu, Chonrei, Duck King, Li Xiang Fei, Alfred, Shion, Hayate, Lee, Jazu, John,Amanda, Mature, Vice, Adel, Rugal, Ralf, Leona, Clark, Mr. Big, Krauser, Geese, Kyo, Benimaru, Goro Daimon, Kusanagi, Chizuru Maki, Iori, Chris, Yashiro, Shermie, Shen, DuoLon, Ash, Rock, Jenet, Griffon, Gato, Hotaru, Shingo, Oswald, Maxima, K’, Kula, K9999, Angel, Foxy, Candy, Kasumi, Hinako, Malin, Elisabeth, King, Nameless, Vanessa, Ramon, Set, Lin, Todo, Silver, Tung Fu Rue, Saisyu, Heidern, Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Takuma, Mr. Karate, Chang, Choi, MayLee, Jhun Hoon, Kim, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Sean, Nightmare, Blanka, Yurika, Cammy, Fei Long, 
★ NON-Playable Characters★ 
Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Omega Rugal, Clone Zero, Zero, Krizalid, Magaki, Mizuchi, Sachiel, Orochi Leona, Orochi

This game was made as a fan project for KOF. As I streamed the game for stress testing, more and more people came to watch it fight itself. So I decided why not make a game of it? Using the idea that SlatyBet does and improving on it, BattelBet was born!

Thank you, everyone, for the support of this project! Your funding has made this a reality!

★ Fight a Base ★ 
FAB is one of the oldest fighting game communities “even before” and has been keeping track of the history of fighting games for years! They recently opened up a discord to get everyone in one place to chat and FIGHT EACH OTHER O THE DEATH! Maybe not death… I made that up.. JOIN OR DIE!!!

★ The King of Fighters – BATTLEBET ★ 
This King of the Fighters game is base on KOF 2k2 UM with Dream Cancels. Other modes will be added later. This is a fighting game like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Injustice. It has over 100 characters in it. That is even bigger than Marvel vs Capcom! 

★Combat Modes★
The current plan is to have 3 or 4 modes. 
1 Stock – MAX Mode lv 1
2 Stock – MAX Mode lv 2
3 Stock – MAX Mose lv 3
Each Max Mode level will last longer than the next. They will also gain the ability from other games. Such as Health Recovery, Armour, Just Defence, and others! 

★ What is Mugen?★ 
It is a fighting game engine that you can make your own game for free!. check out for more info!

★ My Game Info ★ 
All characters are SNK art style and play like KOF2k2UM with Special and Dream cancels. I am doing cosmetic edits on the characters now to make it feel more like a real game. All pallets will be updated to KOF 2K3 colors on each character. 

★ What is done ★ 
– Day and Night stages are coded into the Commen1
– Characters have the same button layouts
– Real KOF pallets “Selectable Colors”
– All character have win comments from the games they are from and extra ones
– Theam music for each character
– All characters have AI
– 54 characters converted

★ What I am doing now ★ 
Currently, I am looking at every character and updating them. 
– Making sure animations interact with water correctly 
– Removing EX moves 
– Writing a move list for each character
– Adding in proper sparks if needed
– Fixing issues
– Making sure they have at least a KOF 2k2UM Move set. 
– Removing unofficial moves
– 80 character left to update *possibly more*

★ Want to help? ★ 
Want to help me make this game? Or reporter errors you see in the game? Leave me a message here or email me at
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