The reason behind my channel | The Gamer Tag

The reason behind my channel | The Gamer Tag

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The Gamer Tag is for small YouTube gamers. I did change a couple of questions in it.

The question list
List of questions:

1)Which gaming YouTuber do you look up to/inspired you to make your channel?
2)If you could be sponsored by any gaming equipment company which one would it be?
3)What is currently your favourite game to play?
4)What games would you like to try and play in the future?
5)What is the meaning behind your channel name/gamertag?
6)What other gamers would you like yo collab with (big or small)?
7)Who is your favourite character from any game?
8)What equipment do you currently have in your gaming set up and will you make a video sharing your set up?
9)Favourite quote from a game?
10)What other gaming channels do you recommend your viewers watch (whether you know them personally or if they are just a good channel)?
11)What are some things you wish to improve on for your channel (some suggestions are: better at a game, better equipment, more commentary, better video quality, etc)
12)Do you have a nickname for your viewers? If not, make one up on the spot now!
13)What type of games do you dislike?
14)What achievement would you like to unlock using your channel? (examples are: get famous, play games for a living, form a crew to play games with, be like [insert YouTuber’s name here], etc)
15)Who would you like to call out to take part in the Gamer Tag?

The questions I added
Did you expect your channel main game to be what it is?
What’s your favourite thing about your favourite game?

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