The Turffield treasure | Pokemon Sword RestrictionLocke (episode 4)

The Turffield treasure | Pokemon Sword RestrictionLocke (episode 4)

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After beating Milo and obtaining the first gym badge we still have something to do in Turffield before making our way to Hulbury.

A RestrictionLocke is a Pokemon challenge I thought of that takes inspiration from a limitlocke and a wonderlocke.

RestrictionLocke rules:

1)you are only allowed as many Pokemon as you have gym badges meaning you are only allowed 3 Pokemon if you have 3 gym badges.

2) if a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be put in the pc (these Pokemon won’t be allowed to be surprise traded away)

3) the first encounter on a route if captured must be surprised traded away (if you are at your allowed limit then the new encounter won’t count as needing to be caught)

4)after beating a gym leader you must surprise trade your entire team

5)after beating a gym leader a stipulation will be added to the save file and will be in effect for the rest of the save (if the save gets into a impossible to win state one stipulation may be removed)

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