This School Is Insanity

This School Is Insanity

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It’s white day, yay

Support the stream: I honestly don’t know how this’ll turn out, but I’ve just managed to square down the delays, and I’d like to test it now.

– No excessive swearing
– No outrageous insults
– Request a mod’s permission to post a link
– No politics
– No hate speech
– Freedom of speech is great until you’re infringing on another’s rights/happiness/comfort
– No sexism
– No racism
-No politics yo

Typically, if it is meant, understood, and regarded to be in a sense of humor that is accepted by the majority present, or meant as reference, then it is acceptable. This is EXTREMELY variable and is up to the discression of Darkovika and the mods.

Berry Challenge:
Steam group:
Skype group: Ask @ytCayne on twitter

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