Valve Sends Cease and Desist to OPSkins

Valve Sends Cease and Desist to OPSkins

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Today is the third day of Valve news as they have sent a cease and desist letter to OPSkins. What does this mean for the future of skin gambling? Not good, that’s for sure. Then we have Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes coming to console. And finally today, instead of investigating guns for gun violence, the US Government will be looking at the role of video games and movies in school shootings. How wonderful. Find out how much time they are wasting and more on this episode of News Cartridge.

Thanks for checking out the sources! ^_^ Any references can be found in the shortened links below! See you next time.

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0:40 Valve Sends Cease and Desist to OPSkins

3:48 Dead or Alive 6 Announced

3:54 Just Cause 4 Leaked by Valve

4:03 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Coming to Console

4:10 Gundam Breaker Delayed on PC

4:18 Final Fantasy XV Mod Tools Released

4:31 JJ Abram’s Company Makes a Game with Tencent

5:00 New Jersey Bans eSports Betting

5:22 Commission on School Safety Will Look At Video Games, Not Firearms

6:20 Game Releases

6:43 Joke/End Card

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