Valve Will “Allow Everything onto the Steam Store”

Valve Will “Allow Everything onto the Steam Store”

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Valve has clarified their policies about what games will be allowed on their platform and if you thought the flood gates were open before, get ready because apparently, they were just getting started. Everything goes is the policy, and let’s talk about the good and the bad of this attitude. In a rare move, EA has admitted to some wrong information concerning Battlefield 5. Finally today, the makers of the ZX Spectrum Vega+ have not delivered on their Indiegogo campaign, which is caused other action. Find out what Indiegogo is doing and more on today’s episode of News Cartridge.

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0:44 Valve Will “Allow Everything onto the Steam Store”

2:56 Steam Group Chat

3:18 Destiny 2 Free to Play Weekend

3:26 Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Free in First 100 Hours

3:39 Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season

3:53 Battlefield 5 Specs Posted in Error

4:20 76 Lost/Unreleased Japanese Games Found


5:09 Agony Unrated

5:30 Indiegogo Sending Debt Collectors to Recoup Money From ZX Spectrum Vega+

6:53 Game Releases

7:35 Joke/End Card

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