[VOD] Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories | Ep 18 | Proud Mode

[VOD] Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories | Ep 18 | Proud Mode

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Working on getting the final episodes for Chain of Memories uploaded to my channel. Initially, I wanted to upload like a thirty hour video to my channel just to say I’ve done it, but honestly, that thing is a monstrosity and I seriously, actually don’t think I can get it on Youtube lmfao. I’ve already got 17 episodes up, even if some of them are a complete and utter mess- I might go and delete some of them so I can re-do that playlist, because I got to being a little creative, and frankly, that was a mistake lmao. I just wanted to be able to have all of these videos uploaded, you know? Still a bummer, though, that we lost the footage for KH1.

Here are some awesome links for cool places to go, including a community run Discord!


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