Walking Day 112 of 10000 Steps Challenge | Bend Boundaries

Walking Day 112 of 10000 Steps Challenge | Bend Boundaries

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Hey Awesome One,

I set my mind that I will develop good habits this year and I will not slack my health anymore. Like everyone i too love to have a good physique and look great but going out and doing the normal exercise is never easy for anyone of us.

I set a goal this year to run 10kms every day but knowing the challenges i broke it down to 10kms walking each day, further i broke it down to 12,500 steps which i can easily track from Google Fit or any other apps. Being able to see your daily progress is very motivating and that is what will keep you going.

As usual, it was not easy to do 12,500 steps but i made sure in my mind that whatever happens, i will do 10,000 steps each day before i sleep. Due to time constraint or daily work life, i was not getting the time to spend 90min to 120min every day for walking. I didn’t make any excuses, i walked whenever i got the free time or when my office hours got over.

I started to walk on the road when i had free time in weekends, i realized it’s risky due to all vehicles moving in speed next to you but i made sure to look for my safety and be aware of my surrounding and complete my daily 10,000 steps.

In weekday it’s even tougher to do 10,000 steps but i made sure after completing my working hours around 11 pm or 12 am i do round in circles around my own office premises, i realized this was easier and much safer than the road outside. Though that meant i used to return home around 2 am or 3 am depending if i had to cover up steps which i lost a previous day due to work and clock says its 12 am and a new day has started.

While walking daily in the month of Jan 2019 i have crossed well over 359k steps which is kind of close to 174 miles i believe or 280kms. The time spent walking help me have a clear mind and focus and thinking about many things. A new perspective was ahead of me to do and achieve. I didn’t walk mindlessly for that 90-120 mins every day. I focused on keeping my core strong while i walked, it’s tough to be conscious every time but doing a self check every 10sec helps you build that momentum. Breathing in from the nose and out from the mouth. Carrying my work bag which carries a laptop and other items weighing 4-5kgs or maybe more, acts as a weight training too.

I am happy about myself and my body pains every day till now during and after completing my 10,000 steps, yet i am going to continue this further. I think i will see the change that i wish to see in myself by the end of this year. You be the judge on how I DID.

#BendBoundaries #10000StepsChallenge #For1094Days

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