What Dragon Mountain at Marineland Could Have Been Like (Finished Theming)

What Dragon Mountain at Marineland Could Have Been Like (Finished Theming)

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Dragon Mountain unfortunately never truly had it’s theming finished. The coaster opened in 1983 with various parts of the theming unfinished such as the volcano facade during the helix and the waterfalls during the long wide turn. In 2006, Marineland finished the volcano facade but the waterfalls were still left unfinished. In fact Marineland removed parts of the framework for the waterfalls that enclosed the track leaving only parts that are required for the supports of the track.

In this recreation, I have went back to the original concept drawings I could find to create a build of what Dragon Mountain could have been like to experience. Keep in mind however that I did add in some extra details to the waterfalls that Marineland might not have actually made but the idea still comes across.

In this video I have hidden 2 chief beefs throughout the ride… can you find them? If so, be sure to comment below where they are!

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