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XlineGamers Intro

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Joined: Feb 2022


►► Hello Welcome to the Channel!
►► Quick Info
Donate here ►► https://www.paypal.me/xlinegamers ► No Money back if you send it goes to Community (NO REFUNDS!).

Subscribe ►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmnUmxyP0CD8LTDqJDwnI_Q?sub_confirmation=1

►► Never Missed Streams, Join our Discord
►► https://discord.gg/aFqBqcj

►► We Play:

►► Overwatch
►► Minecraft
►► Battlefield Games
►► Call of duty Games
►► Warframe
►► Destiny 2
►► Fortnite
►► Sea of Thieves
►► Grand Theft Auto: V
►► And more SOON!
►► About Community
We are very Small Community for Bunch of streamers,
We started in September 2020

if you found a Cheater/Hacker in our discord, please contact Discord Mods or Higher for assistent to remove that Modder/Hacker.

If you want to Help others like helping people on Warframe or Sea of Thieves then this good place to help others
we help lot people some games and not just helping we Streaming our own Channels and XLINEGAMERS channels.

so please note that we have started in 2020 and we starting grow bit by bit so if want keep noted and alerted
please hit that subscribe and Nofication when we go live or upload videos.

and Remember Respect Other Streamers and if thy streaming from Xbox
thy wouldnt see Chat less go thy Mixer/Twitch channel or if thy do see it then don’t need to
Happy gaming BOYS AND GIRLS!

and we do Charity Streams / Funding Raising for xlinegamers Product and Pay our Bills/Rent charges too.

and 1 more thing, Lets hit 3k Subscribes this Time day.

NAME ►► [Owner]Squeek
Channel Link ►► http://twitch.tv/cgzsqueek1984

NAME ►► [CO-Owner]ChisdealHDYT
Channel Link ►► http://twitch.tv/chisdealhdyt


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