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We’re happy to meet you!
The Church of sUs has arrived in Willow Creek!

by gamejae on Jan. 29th 2024
Have you been feeling a little lost in life? Spend a few too many hours doom scrolling rather than enriching yourself with purpose and a sense of belonging to a community? If you are, then please join us at The Church of sUs! Our doors are always open, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Building The Church
by gamejae on Jan. 29, 2024
There is so much to do and prepare at the church since I arrived in Willow Creek. I spent most of my time building a professional eSports career and getting to know a few of the appealing and dare I say very generous locals. I cannot wait for the other members of the congregation to arrive! We have so much to teach the people of Willow Creek about strength through good morals and love shared between family and community.

See the photos from the digest here!

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